The Maze of the Blue Medusa has always been a place for dangerous and unwanted things: malformed children of unholy unions, deadly art and architecture, and worse call its cold halls home. Its mysteries beckon adventurers from all corners of the Earth; today, four have answered the call. These children of gods, brought together by chance, each seek their own answers within the maze. Little do they know that while many of its inhabitants were brought here due to the changing tides of society, some of them are turning out to be quite deserving of their imprisonment…


I've tweaked Godbound slightly to allow for a tighter dungeon-crawl experience. Fray dice have been removed, as have Influence, Dominion, and the Apotheosis and Sorcery words. During character creation, I asked each player three questions: who is your character's divine parent, how does your character normally interact with mortals, and what does your character seek inside the maze.


Brandon: Kellen Nancy, dream-child of Anansi. Words are Endurance, Luck, and Passion. On an quest to find the source of all hopelessness.

Ian: Eizen, son of Atlas. Words are Earth, Might, and Sun. A thrill-seeker looking for unique people and sights not found in our world.

Leon: Nemora,

Veronica: Kali, daughter of Hades and Persephone. Words are Death, Fertility, and Health. Seeking a way to free her mother from Erebus.

Maze of the Blue Medusa

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